of the best screensavers


of the best clocks

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me present to you a collection of screensavers clock.

These clocks are designed to be placed on the PG (personal gallery) or  big digital picture frames. In addition, they may well show the time and on any computer running under Windows.

All clocks shows exact time, so you can save a lot of money if you refuse to buy expensive Swiss clocks :-).

These clocks are designed for monitors with resolution HDTV (Full HD) (FHD) 1080p (1920 x 1080) or more.

To develop these clocks use modern technologies of HTML 5, which has a very big opportunity.

We can produce such a clock for you or for your company. According to your design and your needs. You can contact us here.


These clock were developed by Macromedia as an example of technology Flash. Now this technology is owned by the company Adobe. Modern sample of these clock can be found here.

On our website, these clock are produced in HTML 5. The classic does not grow old.